Are you ready? Norfolk Winter

Norfolk Winter

All types of weather can affect you, the people around you and your property. The 1st November 2017 saw the launch of this year’s National Get Ready For Winter campaign, coordinated by the Met Office.

Here are some top tips and advice on being ready for a Norfolk Winter:

You and your family

Flu FighterWinter weather can bring many risks to you and your family.

Get a flu jab. Flu affects people in different ways.  If you are healthy you will usually shake it off in a week, however for younger and older people and those with chronic health conditions it can be very serious.  You may be eligible for a free flu vaccination, check here:

Check out this video that shows how weather can affect our health, and what you can do to manage the possible impacts:

Keep your hands and face warm – if they get cold they can trigger a rise in blood pressure.

If you have to go out in the cold, remember that severe thin layers of clothing will keep you warmer than one thick layer.

It is important to stay active as this generates heat and helps to keep you warm. Try moving when you’re indoors, and don’t sit still for more than an hour.

It’s important that you eat enough in winter, and hot meals and drinks will keep you warm. Try to eat at least one hot meal a day and have hot drinks throughout the day.



Check your heating, it should be heated to at least 18 degrees.

Consider how you would access vital information, such as insurance documents. We are so reliant on the internet, but what if a storm meant power and mobile phone networks went down?

Check whether your pipes are insulated.

Think about what may be impacted by strong winds: guttering, pipes, roof tiles and garden items.

Check if you are at risk of flooding:

Know what to do in a power cut. It’s now really simple to get in touch with your Electricity Distribution Network Operator; you just need to call 105.

Ensure your home is insured.


Top up anti-freeze and screen wash. It is advisable to use a screen wash additive as this helps to keep the wind screen free of dirt.

Check oil and coolant levels.

Have your car battery checked during an annual inspection. Battery problems are the reason for RAC call-outs in winter than anything else.

Wiper blades and screen wash. Check them for wear and tear and ensure the windscreen washer fluid is topped up.

Ensure all exterior lights comply with the legal requirements of the Country you are driving in. Check that all lights, including high beams and fogs work before setting of.

Check the condition of you vehicles tyres, including the spare if you have one, for the correct pressures and legal tread depth.

Keep your spare set, if you have any, of car keys in a safe place should you accidently lock them in your vehicle!

If you get stuck in your car in winter it could be dangerous, so have a winter car kit ready comprising ice scraper, de-icer, jump leads, shovel, blanket and a torch.

Car winter ready

You can find more information in our ‘Preparing for Severe Weather’ booklet.

Gemma BaileyAre you ready? Norfolk Winter