The Civil Contingencies Act (2004) requires us to produce a Community Risk Register as part of our wider work in preparing for, responding to and recovering from emergencies. The Register covers all types of hazard and all the plans and controls we have in place to protect the community of Norfolk; we hope you will find our comprehensive approach reassuring.

The risk assessments in this site cover only non-malicious events (namely hazards) not threats (terrorist incidents). Our risk assessment work does cover threats, but because the information is highly sensitive and could be misused, we will not publish specific details. Threats we consider include conventional attacks using explosives, and chemical, biological, radiological and electronic attacks.

The Norfolk CRR contains approximately 70 risks; these are graded within a risk rating system, ranging from ‘Very High’ through to ‘Low’.

For information on Norfolk’s Community Risk Register and Central Government Risk Rating criteria, please view the download area of this website.

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