#30days30waysuk – hot and cold weather

Severe weather affects parts of Norfolk in different ways and at different times!  We’ve been lucky enough to see some of the sunshine over the past few weeks, most of us enjoy the hot weather. Yesterdays post covered the different weather warnings that the Met Office provide from hot through to windy and cold weather. Here are some tips on how to prepare and cope with hot and cold weather.

When it’s hot for too long, there are some heat risks.

The main risks of heatwave are: dehydration, overheating and heat stroke. Those most vulnerable during a heatwave are likely to be:

  • Older people – especially those over 75
  • Those who live on their own or in a care home
  • People who have a serious or long term illness
  • Those who might find it hard to keep cool – babies and very young for example
  • People who spend a lot of time outside of in hot places – such as those in a top floor flat or whose jobs are outside.

The Met Office have produced a weather ready summer checklist, with 10 simple steps to get prepared.

How can you stay cool?

  • Shade or cover windows exposed to direct sunlight
  • Drink plenty of fluids & avoid excess alcohol
  • Avoid extreme physical exertion
  • Cool your skin with water
  • Understand the signs of heat stroke, call NHS 111 if you need help or 999 if it’s an emergency.

It might not be cold yet, but Winter will soon be here!

Cold temperatures have an impact on our health, but there are also other risks such as trips and falls.  There are some simple things you can do to cope in the cold weather:

  • Keep hands and face warm
  • Wear several thin layers of clothing, instead of one thick layer
  • Stay active, try not to sit still for more than one hour.  If you can’t get motivated, try a live streamed or on-demand activity session with Active Norfolk: https://t.co/HgpdI7zlzy?amp=1
  • Try to eat at least one hot meal each day and have hot drinks
  • Remember to check in on friends and family.