#30days30waysuk – safe escape

You don’t know when, or even if, a fire will break out in your home, but you can take steps now. 

Working smoke alarms will warn you of a fire but remember:

  • you’ll only hear them bleep if they’re nearby, fit one on every flood
  • they need to be tested once a week
  • you should replace them every 10 years.

Create a fire action plan with everyone in your household, including a safe escape route from your house. If you live in a high-rise building most of your planning should be the same as ground level however:

  • choose a route that doesn’t involve using the lift
  • count how many doors there are to get downstairs in case you can’t find your way
  • make sure escape routes & fire escapes are clear from obstructions.

Norfolk Fire offer free safety advice, carrying out a home safety check.  To see if you quality, visit the Norfolk Fire website or call 0800 917 8137.