Exercising is invaluable to enable the Norfolk Resilience Forum (NRF) partners work closely together to achieve an efficient, effective response to any incident. It allows partners agencies to practice their roles within an incident and also validates the NRF multi-agency plans that we have in place.

To ensure the correct balance of exercises is achieved annually by the partners and a multi-Agency exercise programme within Norfolk has been developed.

Summary as follows:

2016 – 2017

  • Exercise Decepticon – Multi-agency response to an incident at Brenntag Inorganics.
  • Exercise Harmony 2- An exercise aimed to give Voluntary & Faith Groups within Norfolk the opportunity to take part in a joint exercise.
  • Exercise Pluto  – Multi-agency response to an incident at Thetford PSD.
  • Exercise Zephyr – Multi-agency response to an incident at Briar Chemicals.
  • Strategic and Tactical level tabletop exercises – To train Strategic and Tactical level delegates in integrated emergency management.