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#30days30waysuk – safe escape

You don’t know when, or even if, a fire will break out in your home, but you can take steps now.  Working smoke alarms will warn you of a fire but remember: you’ll only hear them bleep if they’re nearby, fit one on every flood they need to be tested once a week you should […]

#30days30waysuk – Give Blood

Giving blood saves lives and is a lifeline for people needing emergency treatment.  Over 6,000 blood donations are needed every day to treat patients across England. Most people between the age of 17 and 65 can give blood!  The criteria are as follows: Are aged between 17 and 65 Are fit and healthy Weigh over […]

#30days30waysuk – Medicine Cabinet

Do you have a medicine cabinet or first aid box at home? At your work place? Perhaps in your car?  When was the last time you checked it? Having a well-stocked medicine cabinet will help you deal with most minor health problems and illnesses at home, here’s a few worth stocking up on: https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-body/your-medicine-cabinet/.  Be […]

#30days30waysuk – First Aid

Did you know only 1 in 20 adults know what to do in a first aid emergency? Together, we can change this. First aid is quick to learn and knowing just a few simple things could help you save someone’s life! You never know when an emergency may occur and first aid skills are required. […]

#30days30waysuk – Flood Repair

Checked your flood risk? Great! You can never eliminate the risk of flooding entirely, the National Flood Forum has some advice on how to protect your property. If your home or property has been identified as being at flood risk there are some things you can do: Understand the level of risk. The Environment Agency […]

#30days30waysuk – Flood Aware

Be flood aware and check whether your property is at risk of flooding: http://bit.ly/checkFloodRiskEngland You could be impacted by tidal, river or surface water flooding. For more information on what to do during and after a flood, visit the Environment Agency website: https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/what-to-do-in-a-flood

#30days30waysuk – Power Cut

You’ve probably been affected by a power cut at home or work at some point perhaps due to the weather or work being completed nearby.  In the event of a power outage there are some simple precautions you can take to help best prepare: Call 105 to report the outage, they’ll put you through to […]

#30days30waysuk – Air Quality

We all have a part to play to keep our air clean. Clean air is important for our health and environment, annually it causes up to 36,000 deaths in the UK. Air pollution occurs when harmful substances are released into the air including smoke from fires,burning natural gases, chemicals, exhaust fumes, smoking or the dust […]

#30days30waysuk – hot and cold weather

Severe weather affects parts of Norfolk in different ways and at different times!  We’ve been lucky enough to see some of the sunshine over the past few weeks, most of us enjoy the hot weather. Yesterdays post covered the different weather warnings that the Met Office provide from hot through to windy and cold weather. […]

#30days30waysuk – weather aware

As Brits we love discussing the weather.. As Brits we’re all familiar with the weather and weather forecasts, but did you know that the Met Office is the national Meteorological service for the UK providing critical weather services? They produce weather warnings for the public and emergency responders such as heavy rain, strong winds, snow, […]