Drive Prepared #30Days30WaysUK

It’s important to regularly check your vehicle to make sure it is road safe, as winter is approaching this is a good time to do additional checks and get your vehicle winter ready.

Consider checking:

  • Your headlights are clean and visible, try carrying an extra bulb in your vehicle just in case
  • Your tyres with the 20p test:
  • You have ice scrapers and windscreen cleaner in your vehicle

If you are planning for a longer drive, make sure you’re prepared for any eventuality by packing:

☎️ A phone

📞 The telephone number for your breakdown service

👜 Blankets

🧤 Gloves

🧢 Hats

🥫 Food

🥤 Water

💊 Any medication you need

Before you travel always check weather forecasts and check for road closures, or traffic disruptions, this will help you better plan your journey.

If you’re a little unsure how to adjust your driving style during/ after snow, the @RAC have produced a complete guide to driving in the snow:

Check here for advice on driving in Norfolk’s sever weather: