Give Blood #30Days30WaysUK

#GiveBlood is the #30days30waysuk theme for today.

Most people can give blood, did you know the NHS need nearly 400 new donors a day to meet demand? You can give blood if you:

  • are fit and healthy
  • weigh between 7 stone 12 lbs and 25 stone, or 50kg and 158kg
  • are aged between 17 and 66 (or 70 if you have given blood before)
  • are over 70 and have given a full blood donation in the last two years

Use the following link to check if you can give blood: Give blood – check you can give

The process is very simple, and not as scary as many people think:

  1. On arrival you will be asked to read a donor consent booklet which explains the importance of blood safety. One you’ve had a read, you’ll be given 500ml fluid 5 which aids your well-being during and after the donation.
  2. You’ll be asked some questions about yourself and may be required to have a sample of your blood tested – this will only be a drop of blood taken from your finger
  3. The Nurse will ensure you are comfortable and find a suitable vein to take the sample. You shouldn’t feel any discomfort or pain; taking the sample usually takes between 5-10 minutes.

There are many donation centres across the Country, you can find your closet by clicking on the following link: