What does the word emergency mean to you?  It can mean different things to different people, being prepared is the name of our game!  Just think ‘What If’ and find the answers.  Think about:

  • What risks could impact you?

  • Important contacts

    • Who would we need to contact quickly?
    • How do we contact our utility providers if we can’t get back into our home?
    • How do we contact the NHS non-emergency number?
  • Important people

    • Who could help us during an emergency?
  • Escape routes

    • If we cannot exit our home/flat or premise through the normal route, how will we get out?
    • Where are our fire escape windows?
  • Pets

    • Can our pet(s) come with us to a rest centre?
    • Who could look after them?
  • Grab bag

    • What essential items would we want in our grab bag?

Preparing a grab bag is next on the list – a bag of essential items  you can quickly pick up if you need to leave your home quickly.