International Travel #30Days30WaysUK

With COVID rules relaxing, lots of international travel is now operating again, however it’s still a good idea to check the guidance of the countries you are visiting before you go so there are no unexpected surprises. You can find that information here: Foreign travel advice – GOV.UK (

COVID is just one factor to consider when travelling. Emergencies can occur anywhere and unexpectedly, before you travel here are some things to consider:

  • Do you know the phone numbers of the local emergency services?
  • Have you updated your emergency services on your phone or other apps?
  • Do you know where the closest British Embassy, police station or hospital is?
  • Do you know the escape route or fire evacuation plan of the accommodation you’re staying in?
  • Do you have a backup form of identification and money?

These questions are especially important to ask if you are travelling alone.

Travel Supermarket have listed 35 ways to stay safe whilst travelling, check out that list here: 35 ways to stay safe while travelling abroad | TravelSupermarket