Local risks

Community Risk Register

The Norfolk Community Risk Register (CRR) helps identify hazards that may lead to an emergency. We have a legal duty (under the Civil Contingency Act) to produce a register of risks that may impact on the county. This helps us to focus our planning arrangements to mitigate these risks.

If a risk is included in the CRR, it doesn’t mean it will happen. It means we know it is a possibility, and organisations need to have made arrangements to reduce its impact. Risk are rated as either Very High (Red), High (Amber), Medium (Yellow) and Green (Low).

Here is a snapshot of our Community Risk Register matrix so you can see the kinds of risks that we could face in Norfolk. If you would like to download a copy, then follow this link: Community Risk Register matrix.

We have produced a series of information leaflets to help you ‘Know the risks, Be informed and Get prepared’.

Develop a Emergency Kit and Household Emergency Plan

Surface Water Flooding

General preparing for emergencies

Preparing for severe weather

Fire prevention

Preparing for lost of utilities

Preparing your home for flooding

Preparing your pets

Preparing for evacuation