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Helping you in an emergency

The Norfolk Resilience Forum (NRF) has been set up to provide information to the public to warn and inform about emergencies. Our aim is to make you aware when there is a risk of an emergency and what our planned response will be and also to provide you with information and advice as necessary at the time of an emergency.

We hope you will find this website of assistance and interest.

Local Risks

For area specific risk in formation within Norfolk please see the following sections:

Very High | High | Medium | Low

About the NRF (NRF)

The Norfolk Resilience Forum (NRF) provides information to the public to help them plan and prepare for an emergency that may affect our county.


Preparing your Home

Emergencies happen.  Find out how you and your family can prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies.


Preparing your Community

Community Resilience – using local resources and knowledge to help themselves during an emergency.


Preparing your Business

Whether you are a large or SME business, have you got the ability to respond swiftly to an emergency?


Local Flood Risks

  • 1 Flood Alert November 23, 2015 12:37 pm
    1 Flood Alert for Anglian region […]
  • 0 Severe Flood Warning November 23, 2015 12:37 pm
    0 Severe Flood Warning for Anglian region […]
  • 0 Flood Warning November 23, 2015 12:37 pm
    0 Flood Warning for Anglian region […]

Local Weather Conditions

Facebook Posts

#WinterReady - Top Tips: Day 5 (Week Two)

1. If you can’t heat all the rooms in your house, heat the living room during the day & your bedroom just before you go to bed

2. Check the weather forecast before travelling

3. Check with train/airport companies & Highways before traveling to check for any disruptions
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#WinterReady - Top Tips: Day 4 (Week Two)

1. By removing the top later of snow in the morning any sunshine during the day will help melt ice beneath #snowcode

2. Use salt or sand to clear snow & ice – don’t use water this could make pathways more dangerous #snowcode

3. Pay extra attention when clearing snow & ice from steps & steep pathways #snowcode
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#WinterReady - Top Tips: Day 3 (Week Two)

1. Try to eat at least one hot meal each day & hot drinks throughout the day

2. Don’t be put off clearing paths. Remember people walking on snow & ice have a responsibility to be careful themselves

3. Clear snow & ice early in the day. It’s easier to move fresh, loose snow rather than hard snow that has packed #snowcode
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